The Bridge

Collect your
Part of The Lovelock


796 Parts
Unique Edition
1/8th of a Panel


103 Parts
Unique Edition


14 Parts
Unique Edition
8x Panels
Between two lamp posts


1 Part
Unique Edition
Left Side of The Bridge


1 Part
Unique Edition
Right Side of The Bridge

The Bridge Architecture

1. Side

The Pont des Arts in Paris (The Lovelock Bridge) is made of 2 sides. Left and Right designate the two sides when looking at the Louvre.

2. OctoPanel

An OctoPanel is the area composed of 8 panels - enclosed by two lamps posts. There are 14 OctoPanels.

3. Panel

A Panel is the most intuitive part of the bridge. There are 56 panels on each side, we have immortalized 103 panels in total.

4. Bundle

A Bundle is an eighth of a Panel. There are 796 Bundles.