The Bridge

Collect your
Part of The Lovelock


103 Unique Parts - 1/1 Edition

A "Panel" is a captivating Part of the Lovelock Bridge - a mosaic of individual lovelock photos, composed by those from the same area.
This exquisite artwork represents one bridge panel, the most intuitive element. There are 56 panels on each side of the bridge, and 103 panels have been immortalized in total.

36,979 lovelocks attached to world famous Pont des Arts in Paris have been photographed and precisely located in 2013. They were all removed in 2015.

Mint your Panel

Mint is random.

The Bridge Architecture

1. Side

The Pont des Arts in Paris (The Lovelock Bridge) is made of 2 sides. Left and Right designate the two sides when looking at the Louvre.

2. OctoPanel

An OctoPanel is the area composed of 8 panels - enclosed by two lamps posts. There are 14 OctoPanels.

3. Panel

A Panel is the most intuitive part of the bridge. There are 56 panels on each side, we have immortalized 103 panels in total.

4. Bundle

A Bundle is an eighth of a Panel. There are 796 Bundles.