Pont des Arts Bridge in 2014 covered with lovelocks Pont des Arts Bridge in 2021 with crystal-clear pannels

The LoveLock Bridge of the Future

1. Collect parts of
The Lovelock's History

36,979 lovelocks individually photographed on The Lovelock Bridge in 2013. They were all removed in 2015.
Collect 915 unique artworks.
Become a Keeper of History.

2. Metaverse: your Space on
The Bridge of the Future

We are building The Bridge of the Future with you.
Display your customized digital lovelocks to express your feelings.
Earn your artwork for free!

Collect parts of The Lovelocks history

It was a world phenomenon on Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France.
People used to attach love padlocks to the bridge as an expression of their feelings, locking their message forever. They built the most romantic place in the world.

In 2015, all the lovelocks were removed from the bridge and their messages were gone forever. It is now impossible to attach new ones.

In 2013, Alexis photographed 36,979 individual lovelocks during 6 months to make them eternal online.

Discover Artworks
Random artwork

915 NFT's in unique edition: The Originals

Monumental collages of lovelocks that belong to specific parts of The Lovelock Bridge.

Your Lock on The Bridge of the Future

We're creating The Bridge of the Future

As the lovelock phenomenon cannot be eternal in any place in the real world - we're building a metaverse experience: a 3D digital universe.
You can express your feelings through digital custom artworks on The Bridge of the Future!

We're calling out artists

The design of the bridge will be created by an artist, chosen by the community during a contest! Do you want to create your vision on The Bridge or The Locks of the Future?


Contribution & The Originals Launch


36,979 individual lovelocks photographed on The Lovelock Bridge. All lovelocks were removed in 2015.


Call for contributors

  • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and engage the conversation on Discord!
  • Try to win free NFT's in giveaways
  • Help communicate on the project and get rewarded (meet us on Discord)
  • Next announcements:
    • Start contributing
    • The Originals NFT collection Sale

Update coming

Contribution starts!

  • Contribute by describing the lovelocks and earn free Spaces NFTs as rewards. It will help building a simple search tool for anyone to find their lovelock
  • Contributors will have their chance to win The Originals NFTs during exclusive raffles
  • Leaderboard: be the best contributor to win one of The Originals NFTs

Approximately 10% of The Originals NFTs will be given randomly or as reward.

Update coming

The Originals NFT (Sale)

Collect one of the 915 The Originals NFT and become a Keeper of The Lovelock's History.
Are you interested to collect? Don't miss the Drop and follow our social media!

Now the Metaverse

Express yourself on The Bridge of The Future

Update coming

After The Originals Sale

Find your lovelock, get it for free as NFT

You will be able to type keywords in a search bar! The search will be easy so you have all your chances to find your lovelock on the bridge, if Alexis captured it before 2014...
You have to prove us that this NFT is yours, then we'll mint it as an NFT in a dedicated collection and give it to you for free so you can do all the things you want with it, forever!

Get Free NFT's

There are 3 ways to get NFT's for free

1. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

Participate in future giveaways and win NFT's of The Originals collection: Bundles and Panels.

2. Collaborate and earn free Spaces

You can help indexing the lovelocks by describing what you read on them. It will make the search easier for anyone to find one's lovelock.

3. Find your lovelock, it's on us

If you find your lovelock and can prove it's yours (a form is yet to come) - we'll have it minted as an NFT and offer it to you. It will be created in a separate collection and you will be responsible for your own lovelock NFT!