Browse the bridge and discover artworks

The bridge is divided into different areas, of 4 different sizes.

You will be able to navigate on the bridge and click on parts to see the artworks.
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Put simple, each side of the bridge is made of 56 panels. Based on this panel measure unit, the artworks are composed of lovelocks belonging the following areas.

  • Side - 56x Panels
  • OctoPanel - 8x Panels
  • Panel - 1x Panel
  • Bundle - 1/8th of a Panel

Details on the structure of the bridge

The Pont des Arts in Paris (The Lovelock Bridge) is made of 2 sides. Left and Right designate the two sides when looking at the Louvre (right bank, north) with the Institut de France (left bank, south) at your back.

Each side is made of 8 lamposts, with 8 panels between each lamppost.

There are 56 panels on each side.

To locate each lovelock on the bridge, each panel was cut in 8 areas (2 rows and 4 columns).
There are 8*56*2 = 896 referenced areas on the bridge. We call them : Bundles of lovelocks

For 37,374 lovelocks photographed.